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July 12, 2021

Why Study in the UK?

As a nation, the UK is never deceiving its aspirants, with reputed institutes to excellent research laboratories, a diverse population, and an incredible employment rate. There are other factors too that attract international students to pursue their higher studies in the UK, which includes:

Globally recognized education:

All British universities are recognized worldwide for having innovative and demanding experiences that help their students get to the extreme. Their expectations are incredibly high, and the universities are tested regularly on how well they meet current challenges. There are several countries where the UK system of higher education has been the basis of higher education standards for years.

Study the course which you can think of:

With the high-quality courses and dedication to education quality and performance, it’s been years that Oxford and Cambridge have emerged as brands. However, the UK has numerous high education institutions where the very same quality education level is possible. There are over 60,000 courses to choose from. So, choose as per your need.

Gain the skills you need:

You need to prove yourself in the skills and qualities you have in today’s world economy to thrive. Employers want high-quality employees with specific competencies, including effective, critical, and creative thinking capabilities. And who doesn’t want people with a grip on English? And what better way than to learn English in the country of origin? To learn to live, work and think in English, immerse yourself.

While studying in the UK, you will be encouraged to read, ponder, inquire and discuss what you read and learn independently. Were you aware that British scientists and institutions have received almost 100 Nobel prizes? Very few countries can claim this degree of achievement.

Shorter duration of courses makes British education affordable:

Degrees from the UK take less time to attain than degrees in other countries. Most countries require at least four years for a bachelor’s degree and two or three years for a master’s degree. In contrast, the UK takes only three years for a bachelor’s degree and a year for a master’s degree (well, if you are in research, it could take 18 months to 2 years). With such a shorter duration of courses, you also end up spending less money overall.

A gateway to the rest of Europe:

The UK is the place to be if you want to travel to Europe. You can travel to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in the UK alone. It allows you to learn about different backgrounds and lifestyles in each country. It is easy to travel across the UK and enjoy the views and sounds through public transport. Moreover, as a student, when you buy monthly passes, you can receive them at discounted prices for transportation.

The same roads can be used by public transport to reach the rest of Europe. You can go straight to mainland Europe in one day through the Chunnel (English Channel Tunnel). Public transportation passes allow you to travel to countries close to the UK. Only ensure that you have the correct documents to do this (passports) and take the time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the rest of Europe on weekends and long breaks.

A world-class education in a multicultural world will help you prepare for post-university life. And it helps you to appreciate Britain and Europe in a special and distinctive way.

The new graduate immigration route:

This is particularly useful for international students who wish to pursue work experience in the UK after graduation. This post-study work visa allows students to remain in the UK for up to two years and look for employment after graduation. It enables students enough time to explore various opportunities and apply for jobs after graduation, adding to their study credit in the UK.