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July 12, 2021

Why Study in the Czech Republic?

Student-friendly Education Atmosphere:

In 1989, the velvet revolution took place. On January 01, 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully separated into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since then, Czechia has undergone massive evolution, and now it is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for tourists, students, and professionals alike.

The country has become one of Europe’s favorite overseas student nations because of the quality education and well-recognized behavior of their proficient staff. Czechia’s academic personnel are famous for encouraging students, especially international students, to participate in educational and cultural programs. They are also very open to interacting to learn much by discussions and excel in their studies. That’s why the country has gained so much attention when it comes to studying in Europe. The cherry on the cake is Czechia is ranked among the top 20 countries in the world for its education system. So, don’t get surprised by thousands of international aspirants in one of the 68 institutes scattered across the Czech Republic.


Czechs feel proud for being home to Central Europe’s oldest university, Charles University in Prague. It was established in 1348. Czech is the official language of the country. Although the country is home to Europe’s oldest university and has an excellent education system, considering English as a global language, Czechia’s higher education institutes teach thousands of English courses. Because of these and many other academic features that the Czech universities have adapted, the country is becoming highly popular. The Czech Republic has a mixture of public and private universities, including two state institutes.


With the quality education, lifestyle matters. Among all the Soviet Bloc nations, Czechs are known to enjoy the highest standard of living. Czechia is performing well in the economy, education, tourism, safety and security, entertainment, and so forth. With the relatively low crime rate, the country is considered the sixth safest country globally. Sites like castles, monuments, mountains, rivers, large national parks, and beautiful landscapes can fill your weekends or study breaks.

Imagine if you can do your project, a week- or month-long training, or job in a country other than the Czechia. It’s absolutely possible if you are studying in the Czech Republic. The country borders Poland on the north, Slovakia on the east, Austria on the south, and Germany on the west. Czechia’s geography can offer you a competitive advantage over pursuing higher education in other countries.


Expenses, while studying, mainly includes two costs: tuition costs and living costs. Usually, the tuition fees for studying in the English language in Czech universities start from 1000 EUR per semester. And the monthly living expenses for an individual is estimated to be around 250 EUR. That’s it. No doubt, the expenses (tuition fees + living costs) may vary with the course and university you choose to study. It is surely far economical for international students compared to expenses for studying in other nations.

If that sounds exciting to you, engage in a lifetime adventure in the Czech Republic with over 43,000 international students.