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July 11, 2021

Why Study in Canada?

There are n-number of reasons why Canada is emerging as the popular study abroad destination.

Simple visa policy:

Canada’s straightforward, open, transparent, simple, and easy visa application process for international students is one of the key reasons international students flock to study in Canada. Moreover, its’ multi-cultural cities and immigration-friendly policies work as a magnet for international candidates.

Quality education at affordable cost:

Canada guarantees its students quality education at reasonable rates, hence perceived to be a great place to study compared with the USA. The education cost in Canada is relatively small, and there are relatively more scholarship opportunities in place too.

Diverse and cosmopolitan setting:

There is no single national culture as Canada is diverse historically and ethnically. In its broadest sense, Canadian culture is a mixture of British, French, and American influences, which combine and sometimes compete in every aspect of cultural life – from filmmaking, writing, cooking to playing sports.

Further, every year, you will be surrounded by a broad multi-cultural setting in classrooms and community, with over 120,000 international students anywhere in Canada. This gives a competitive advantage to any international student.

Working while studying:

During semesters, international students can work 20 hours a week. And during breaks can work 30 hours a week. Moreover, you won’t need a work permit if you work in the campus area. Only for full-time jobs outside campuses, such a permit is necessary.

Best quality of life and the safest too:

Canada is considered one of the world’s safest and low crime-rate countries. According to many reports, Canada is the second largest nation in the world to have the highest quality of life in terms of social change and growth.


Several research opportunities are available in Canada, which is the key strength of Canada and gives you various choices while you study. Research is encouraged by Universities in Canada through scholarships to research scholars.