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August 2, 2021

What to Study in the USA?

Imagine any damn field. You will find a program for that in the USA. Can you believe this? There are bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in digital mapping, foresight, eco gastronomy, nautical archaeology, peace and conflict studies, biomimicry, ethical hacking, communication for development, psychometrics, digital currency, puppetry, to what not. You think of your area of interest, America has a course on that. Nevertheless, though the USA offers a wide range of courses in pretty much every conceivable and imaginable field, some top picks, in other words ‘most popular courses,’ among the global applicants which head the rundown of almost every aspirant. That list of top picks usually incorporates STEM courses. However, other programs are similarly unmatched and are exceptionally preferred by many.

Whether it is a public university, private university, or a community college and be it bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree programs to an associate degree and certificate programs – you will find some popular courses of all sorts.

Top Undergraduate Majors in the USA Top Graduate majors in the USA Top Associate Degrees in the USA
Computer Science Computer Science Associate of Science in Computer science
Communications Wireless communications Associate of Science in Aeronautics
Business Embedded Systems Associate of Science in Radiation Therapy
Economics Management Information Systems
Political Science Power Engineering

iOverseas offers a range of programs based on your eligibility and university requirements. To know the best program for you based on your profile, contact us.