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July 12, 2021

What to Study in the Czech Republic?

From art and design courses, business, computer science and IT, engineering and technology, health and wellbeing, humanities and culture, languages, media and communications, science, to teaching and education courses – the Czech Republic offers education in all.

Czechia’s degree structure is similar to that of the United States. Degree programs are as follows:

The country offers accredited degree programs at three levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral. Any higher education institute falls into one of these two categories: university or non-university type. The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System have been implemented by most Czech institutions, making it possible to transfer credit and degrees to institutions throughout Europe quickly.

Bachelor’s degree programs:

The bachelor’s degree programs last from 3-to-4 years and are the first level of higher education. These courses focus on study groups, teamwork, and developing research skills through assignments. After the final examination, graduates can start their professional life or continue studies by joining a master’s degree program.

Master’s degree programs:

These programs are available in two ways: If taken up after the bachelor’s program, it goes for 1-to-3 years. And if pursuing a full program, it goes from 4-to-6 years. These courses focus on imparting practical knowledge and developing creativity and skill. A typical Czech master’s program involves the presentation and defense of a thesis following the final examination. MBA programs encourage healthy discussions in a class as a part of solving real-life case studies.

Doctoral programs:

Doctoral programs go from 3-to-4 years. It pushes an individual to explore research ideas, perform experiments, collaborate globally, and publish findings. For doctoral programs, public presentation and defense of a thesis is critical and must.