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July 12, 2021
July 12, 2021

From the catalog of 22,000+ courses across 1,100 institutions, you can choose any. After getting your degree, in-demand qualifications can increase chances for permanent residency. Hence, we have listed the popular courses to study in Australia which can help you gain employment and amplify your chances of successful immigration.


Accounting is one of the most sought-after degree programs amongst international students. Accounting courses in Australia are like guaranteed income plans where you begin to realize the ROI immediately after your studies. With the weightage giving to the theory part, Australian accounting courses give equal importance to report writing, analysis, calculations – the backbone of accountancy.

Agricultural Science

Agricultural studies provide many career opportunities as part of the STEM career path. Individuals looking forward to committing their lives to agriculture, farming, forestry, and agronomy take this degree. They ensure to prepare the best plants and make sure that people have potential food sources in the future.

Biomedical Engineering

This is the crossroads of engineering, medicine, biology, and medicine. Building systems, devices, and equipment that solve human problems require principles and fundamentals of science.

Biomedical engineering is an extremely difficult area which aims to assist both in diagnosing and treating illness. It also helps in the management of rehabilitation and injury. This area of work may be an ideal career step for a talented person with an extensive knowledge of human biology and engineering.

Core Engineering

Australian universities offer a variety of engineering programs focusing on practical approaches and case studies. There are many internship courses too on offer. Australian engineering degrees are internationally accepted and, in the long run, are highly beneficial. Apart from accountants, chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronic and communication, and industrial engineers are also in shortage in Australia.


There is a great tourism and hospitality industry in Australia with beautiful landscapes and various things to do. That’s why Australian hospitality students are most in-demand in this industry. Go to an Australian hospitality management degree and work in travel agencies, well-recognized hotel chains, and resorts in Australia. That can turn your career drastically.

Apart from the courses mentioned above, some other popular courses to study in Australia are computer science, information technology, nursing, cooking, creative arts and design, and health management.

If you want to study in Australia, and find employment and settle down there, contact iOverseas today. Considering your present situations and goals, we will help you choose the best suitable degree program.