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Indian Students are now Heading to the Czech Republic for World-Class Higher Education form High Rank University at even Very low Cost than Other Western European Countries, and one-Third Cost then other Commonwealth Countries i.e. USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NEW Zealand. Reports iOverseas.

About Hundreds of Students who are Currently Studying in the Czech Republic Through iOverseas Education Consultant were Surprised when they decided to go to the Czech Republic for Higher Studies in Management, I.T, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Agriculture, Environmental Engineering and Life Sciences Courses. Many of them Wondered why they chose Small Eastern European nation when his peers had chosen prestigious University in the US and the UK.

But the Group of Youth from India, Bangladesh, and Nepal had the Reasons. The Land of Mentors like Tomas Bata – Legend of Shoemaker, Viktor Kaplan – Inventor of Kaplan Turbine, Otto Whitefly – Inverter of Soft Contact Lance, Is Value for Money for Indian Students seeking Quality Higher Education for batter curve of successful professional career ahead.

The Cost of Living and Tuition fees are tiny in the Czech Republic as the Czech Koruna(Currency) has not Very high value.

Today, Indian students are searching for newer vistas that offer them quality education at affordable prices. “High-quality education at a cost less than that in many western European countries is working for the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union. The Program for International Student Assessment, co-ordinate by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), currently ranks Czech education as the 15th best in the world.

There are 71 institutes of higher education — 26 public, 2 state and 43 private — in the country. One of the most significant educational institutions is the Charles University, established in 1348, with centers in Prague, Hradec Kralove, Plzen, and Brno. Many other equally prestigious public and private colleges prepare specialists in various fields. Some of the prominent ones are the Czech Technical University (engineering), Academy of Performing Arts (photography, drama, music), University of Economics, and Tomas Bata University (research) and Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Famous for Management, Informatics, Agriculture, Engineering, Life Sciences Education)

“At present, out of 24,000 students in the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, there are as many as 2,050 foreign students: As Per University Statistic.Students also get financial aid from the universities. “I am getting 8,400 Czech Koruna per month (Rs 22,700/-) as an accommodation scholarship. It is a nominal amount but helps students to some expenses.

Another side as per Students Expectation to work Part time while Study abroad, all most all Country has sat of Rule to give an allowance of 20 Hours to work part time During Study to Support pocket expenses, the Czech Republic has the Same support for international Students.

Here students are also allowed to work part-time During Study and can earn a decent amount. As per Government Survey Site and Statistics the average Salary is going high, and in Prague, it’s 32,000/- KC (Approx 85000/- INR) Per Month It’s Equal as 1200 USD $.

Apart from the tuition fee, a student may have to shell out Rs 2-3 Lac a year roughly. The tuition fee varies depending on the university and the course that a student wishes to pursue. “The average cost of living, including the tuition fee, may roughly come to about Rs 4 -4.5 Lac a year.

Students don’t have to know the Czech language to study there, though international students who study in Czech get a tuition fee waiver in public and state universities. English is a medium of instruction in most of all the universities. Other side local language is not very tough to learn. “That is because the teachers are well qualified and teaching techniques are excellent. So you can learn language easily during your Studies. There are many private and public language schools that offer courses in the Czech language for foreigners. “It is possible to take intensive courses — of 10 months to one year — in most institutions.

Admissions to public and state universities are through an entrance examination or merit. Most universities have their set of acceptance criteria. The details can be gathered from iOverseas Education Consultant, Director Mr. Dipal Chudasama, who is an India Representative for Well Renewed Government University since 2013, His professional Counseling will help Indian Students to get admission in right course with right University has Changed Hugh number of Students’ Life by recruiting them into Czech Education.

“In the last five years, I have seen a 30-35 percent increase in the number of Indian students going to the Czech Republic to study,” says Mr. Dipal Chudasama, director, iOverseas.

The popular courses that a student can opt for, Business Administration, Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, Environmental Engineering, life Sciences, etc., The Degree from Government University is valid all Over the European Union as well as All over the World.

After graduating from a Czech university, you can even apply for permanent residency in the Czech Republic. So if you have made up your mind for good education in an institute abroad, you could head for this land of pioneers, poets, and painters.

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