Other Services Provided by iOVERSEAS

Every day students from all walks of life approach us for their career guidance. iOverseas counsel them by considering factors like education background, experience, career goals, talents, students’ preferences, and budget. We offer end-to-end advice to study, work, and settle in different countries.

iOverseas works with its’ trusted associates who continuously update us with each country’s latest information. It is instrumental in case any change happens. Each country has its immigration policies, visa policies, and entry requirements. Similarly, each country has its shortage of skills requirement. Job market requirements for various fields differ from country to country. Considering these factors from each country for a candidate’s future job prospects, course availability, fees, entry requirements, etc., we help candidates select the right country.

iOverseas is the South Asia representative for the Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, and official representatives of many world-renowned universities. Eligibility criteria differ with each institute, department, and course. We help in selecting the right university that offers the course preferred by the candidate based on eligibility and budget. We also arrange for direct interviews from the university when their representatives visit iOverseas office or through Skype or Telephone. We provide unbiased information on several courses.

There are plenty of programs in our representing Universities and Colleges. Students can get course brochures, prospectus, etc., to know more about their courses. We assist students in selecting the courses by matching their profile or interests and considering demands globally, in the choice of their country to study abroad, and in the home country. We also have connections with industrial experts who share trending technologies, new inventions, skill requirements in different fields for the short and long run. This equips iOverseas to provide the best possible courses to students.

The application process differs from university to university and many times from department to department. Some universities accept online applications, some through the post with transcripts, and some via email. As an official representative, we directly contact university staff who can exclusively update us with the latest application status whenever we want to know. Moreover, as a consultant, we know the deadlines and help the students submit their applications on time. We give special attention to every application to submit an error-free application before time.

iOverseas helps students not only in securing admissions but also in A to Z student visa processes. After getting an admission, getting visa approval is very important to join the course. Visa approval is the sole discretion of the visa officer who considers the admission confirmation and many other factors like language proficiency, availability of funds, family income proofs, health, visa interview, past visa histories, study intention, qualifications, work experience, and more. As a consultant, we are well updated with the latest developments, new immigration policy changes, visa filing procedures, visa fees, new visa application forms, visa requirements, etc. We help students by filling the visa forms, preparing documents as per the visa checklist of each country, and training them for a visa interview with our expert counselors’ mock interviews. This results in a high visa success rate.

We also assist students in getting education loans. We have a list of banks offering educational loans for various programs to students at reasonable rates. We also have tie-ups with well-known banks to make your process easy. It will be a quick and easy process. To get the education loan, you must have secured admission from the approved universities. You must able to provide collateral properties. You must have an earning member as a guarantor who can provide the payslip / IT returns as proof of their income, which has eligibility for the applied loan amount.

Merit scholarships, international scholarships, department scholarships, fee waivers, other bursaries, and financial aid are awarded to international students based on their merit, home country, English proficiency test scores, and need. Candidates with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams, and extracurricular achievements shall be eligible for merit scholarship awards and financial assistance. Besides universities, different bodies offer scholarships to study abroad students on various parameters like their academic achievements, contributions to their field, sports backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds, IELTS scores, GRE, or SAT scores.

One crucial aspect that many students do not consider is making sure of insurance coverage. Many students or parents might have taken insurance coverage in their home country. But this coverage is limited and mostly does not cover repatriation and travel, loss of baggage, medical treatments abroad. Most of the countries require insurance for international students who opt for a longer stay. The sum assured and period would differ from country to country. In some cases, universities collect the insurance fee and the tuition fees to provide the insurance coverage from local service providers. iOverseas has tie-ups with leading insurance service providers and arranges for medical, health, and travel insurance for their students.

One of the primary documents to apply to a university is the Statement of Purpose, also called SOP or Letter of Motivation, Statement of Intent. SOP is a crucial admission document. The Statement of Purpose must focus on:

  • Overview about yourself
  • Educational qualifications
  • Academic achievements
  • Projects / Research in the chosen field
  • Work experiences
  • Career goals / ambitions / expectations
  • Reasons to choose this course
  • Reasons to choose this university
  • Reasons to choose this country

The SOP must be in good English without spelling and grammar mistakes. To strengthen your application, iOverseas reviews SOPs, evaluates the content, suggests changes, and makes it most effective resulting high success rate. We can also refer you to a professional content writer if needed.

Popularly known as the LOR, the document plays a vital role in admission decisions. LORs format differs from university to university. While some may require in the Referees Letter Head, some may need only in their respective forms, and some institutions may ask for direct emails from the referee’s email. We suggest the right formats to the students.

Most of the top-ranking universities offer admission after assessing a student through an interview. It may be through Skype or telephone. Similarly, many countries expect the candidates to appear in person for the visa interview at a consulate or high commission or visa processing centers. Hence, clearing visa interview is a vital part of the visa process and needs to be well prepared.

iOverseas prepares students for the visa interview. We train them with various stages of mock interview sessions. First, we carefully assess the candidate’s background, identify strengths and weaknesses, the applied course’s scope, and prepare them with Q&A expected during the actual interview. We will conduct mock interviews at various levels and assess how the candidate responds to questions. Subsequently, based on answers, we prepare a candidate with appropriate solutions for given situations.

With this special training, you will be fully confident of what to do or not to do and tackle difficult questions and situations. That way, facing the visa interview becomes easier for you.

iOverseas helps students with demand drafts in foreign currency, traveling cheques, travel cards, international debit cards, wire transfers, and currency notes. We help you to get the best exchange rates through the best service provider.

iOverseas helps students find the right accommodation matching their budget and proximity to their college/university. There are various options like accommodations in college/universities, private hostels, PG accommodation, shared accommodations, etc. We try to fix accommodation in our alumnae places or at least nearer to their house so they can give required orientations on lifestyle, travel, opening a bank account, assisting in finding part-time jobs, etc. Depending on budget and requirements, we may help to fix the right accommodation.

Being your maiden travel abroad, you may be very new to their culture, lifestyles, local laws, etc. Hence required knowledge on this before you initiate your travel is advisable. So, the pre-departure briefing is given before you travel with the necessary input. It helps in making your journey comfortable and settling abroad.

iOverseas assists you in:

  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Airport pickup services
  • Local transportation and travel
  • Purchase of goods with best deals for students
  • Assessing part-time jobs
  • Suggestions on lifestyle and culture
  • Practical advice on living
  • Immigration, PR, and work permits
  • Do’s and don’ts in a foreign country
  • Community networks