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Do you know:

  • Every 33 seconds, a new immigrant moves to the United States.
  • Though there are 300 spoken languages in the USA, there is no official language of the country.
  • This country is the world’s most sought-after education destination, with 1.1 million aspirants seeking higher education in the USA. That’s almost 24% of the 4.6 million international students concentrating in nations other than their home country.

Who doesn’t want to live on the land where government protects everyone’s opportunity to pursue their idea of happiness? Be it the case of a Madurai-born IIT Kharagpur graduate becoming the CEO of Google and Alphabet, a Hyderabad-born studious and hardworking boy becoming the CEO of Microsoft, or the son of a Kenyan immigrant becoming the 44th US President – the United States of America offers a fair opportunity to everyone, from Kylie Jenner (world’s youngest billionaire) to George Joseph (oldest billionaire in America), to pursue their idea of happiness and develop their talents to the fullest.

Known for offering quality education, cultural diversity, and ground-breaking research and innovation capabilities, the country is a coveted destination among international candidates. In 2002, US institutions received nearly 4.9 million applications. And in 2017, they received almost 10.2 million applications. That’s more than doubled, and without any doubt, it will keep increasing.

While the real factor that drives students’ enthusiasm to opt the USA for higher studies is almost impossible to find, several reasons contribute to the United States’ favor and make it a favorite destination among global candidates. From Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Caltech (world’s top 4 universities according to QS World Ranking) to an unending range and depth of courses, diverse culture, and excellent job opportunities to choose from – the USA as a nation is a kit that offers it all.

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