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The United Kingdom

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The UK is one of Europe’s oldest monarchies, officially recognized as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England, Scotland, Wales, St. George’s Channel, and the Irish Sea between UK and Ireland make up Great Britain. Although a small island nation, England has been a world power for centuries. If we see, from its coast, people set out to travel and to explore the modern-day USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. In addition, it used to occupy a large part of Asia and Africa in particular. After World War II, the colonial rule was terminated, and the British Queen remains the chief of many Commonwealth countries.

Britain provides one of the most exciting environments for international students with a fascinating history and an ardent cultural setting. It’s a land of cultural vitality and an incredible patrimony of centuries. The country’s colonial relation in almost every corner of the world has made the UK culture very pluralistic, offering international students the opportunity to discover the globe culturally while pursuing higher studies on a relatively small Island. Iconic people like Darwin, Newton, Bertrand Russell, Charles Babbage, Shakespeare, JK Rowling, and the Beatles have born in the UK and showed the world the power of giving. Moreover, the country is also home to the world’s richest football club – Manchester United. With endless musical brands and theatres – UK provides a fantastic variety of experiences to live and share.

The UK has lovely scenery and picturesque rural areas, and vibrant towns deliver a mixture of rural and urban areas and experiences. Britishers are usually sporty, and the adventure and the multicultural surroundings in the cities make migrants and students feel at home. You can also enjoy various cuisines worldwide, participate in popular sports, attend concerts, engage in multiple festivals, and discover a variety of traditional flavors during your student life.

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