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According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world. And the land of maple, Niagara Falls, ice hockey, poutine, beautiful wildlife, natural landscapes, and what not – is attracting more and more international students.

From the last decade, international students, especially from Asian countries like India and China, have been flying to Canada to pursue their higher studies. When the consensus was conducted in 2016, 22% of the Canadian population (38 million) found as immigrants. Every year, people from over 200 countries immigrate to Canada. The country has not only been limited by recognizing as a land of immigrants from the first European colonizers in the 16th century. Top-ranked universities, an exceptional education system, affordable tuition and living expenses yet a high standard of living – distinguishes Canada and makes students say, ‘Yes, this is the country I want to study in.’

Though education policies in Canada vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction with a department of education in each province, some of the standard features of the university framework in Canada are:

  • Students are encouraged to communicate freely and express incomprehension.
  • The typical classroom environment is unbelievably accessible and welcoming, where professors focus on teaching and enhancing students’ creative and analytical thinking.
  • Professors give students valuable feedback after tests or assessments, in which they express each student’s level of learning and development promoting each student to become an independent learner.

Apart from that, many reasons are driving a huge number of international students to study in Canada.

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