Company Profile

iOverseas is a leading educational overseas consultancy in India. iOverseas established on the belief that there is a significant role for overseas consultants in the today’s world. iOverseas offers assurance to provide qualitative services to clients to build a better future for them. We offer various services to our clients from all parts of India, who wish to pursue their higher studies in countries like USA, UK,ustralia, New Zealand,Canada, France, Germany, Czech Republic (with Government Scholarships), Switzerland,Ireland, Poland, etc. There is a deliberate and continuous effort to provide Quality,Professional, and yet Transparent ways to fast-track the processes involved in our services.

We provide latest informations and has both international and domestic network to assist our students to gain admissions in the finest of the colleges and universities that best suit their educational background, financial capabilities, and fore mostly their interest. The career interests of the students visiting our office are given the utmost priority and a detailed three-round counseling is conducted to help them identify their interests and career goals.

Our prime areas of specialization includes counseling students to identify the right country that will accommodate their temperament and lifestyle, right course that fits their career goal and the right college or university that will provide them a quality, stable and safe environment for study. Apart from these, we also assist and guide the candidate on the acceptable documents required for admission and visa application.

We are committed to ensuring that both students and the educational institutions receive a worthwhile, productive, and high quality experience with our services. We present to our clients the best of our services and it has always been a pleasure to be part of their dream of studying overseas.

We are bound to create an insanely great client experiences as elaborated through, ‘The iOverseas Experience’ and we are bound to perform towards our clients as detailed through, ‘iOverseas Core Values’.

Last and always on the list; keeping education first and foremost, taking each student’s future career and life into consideration, and emphasizing practical effects of working out a proposal on studying abroad to get him adapt well to the changes and development in future society is Our Mission.We are eagerly waiting to look forward to you.