Major Cities
Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane


Australian Dollar

Time zone
+ 10

Dialing Code
+ 61


The largest island in the world, Australia is home to prehistoric landscapes, bizarre creatures and a hedonistic lifestyle. Its beauty and scale, with massive tracts of deep, red desert, rolling mountain ranges, rainforest and thousands of miles of untouched sand make it a unique and unforgettable destination. Queensland is for the unforgettable corals of the Great Barrier Reef, or takes in the vibrant outdoor lifestyle of Sydney. Melbourne is famous for the world’s great road trips, the Great Ocean Road, a spectacular stretch of highway running along the Victorian coast into South Australia. Away from the cities there are vineyards in South Australia’s Barossa Valley, Western Australia’s Margaret River and the Yarra Valley in Victoria.


The northern third of Australia lies in the tropics and so is warm or hot the year around. The rest of the country lies south of the tropics and has warm summers and mild or cool winters. In winter, many parts of the south have occasional frosts. But the Australian Alps and the interior of Tasmania are the only areas of the country where temperatures remain below freezing for more than a day or so at a time.

Eligibility to study in Australia

  • Low IELTS Acceptable
  • A place where work and study meet
  • A great place to grove up
  • Multi-Cultural society
  • Australia - Quality education is guaranteed
  • After study employment, Immigration
  • Courses after 12th & any Bachelors